Name: Tony Nudo

Nickname: thenudo


Hello!! I firstly wanna thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to stop by and check out my work, my hobby, & my passion, of editing!! 


To find out more about me - feel free to visit my official personal website..

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WHO am I ???? 

I'm an oddly unique fellow.. (& I'm proud of that in a world nowadays, that tends to follow whatever the hell 'seems to be' trending!)  In the words of Sir Charlie Chaplin- ...'all the worlds a stage and everyone in it - merely bad actors.' AND 'to do something with someone else's mind, is doing something WITHOUT your OWN mind!!'  2 of my favorites from him.. 😂

I dab on w in my spare time (what lil I have)..  Usually more in "making" content there (rather than watching it!!)  Though, since "Unsolved Mysteries (with Robert Stack) ", has made the trek to wadmittedly - I have been doing ALOT of watching lately, & lovin' it!!😉

Editing to me, isn't just for work.. It also works 'wonders' for me in terms of DE-stressing..  So most 'O' the time, when I am at home (relaxing), I am editing SOMETHING!! 😂

QUICK FACTS  About me; 😋

  • I popped out on a record COLD October morn, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  • I was raised atop the ONLY mountain in Chattanooga, Signal Mountain.

  • I eat, sleep, breathe, and LIVE  for CHRIST!! (..oh yeah, & I love to EDIT!)

  • Sir Charles Chaplin, Elvis Presley, Robert Stack, & Patrick Swayze, IMO were/will ALWAYS BE.. The greatest entertainers, to ever grace this wild planet earth. (That's IMO!  As said!!) Although, I think Simon Peter (Jesus' disciple).. Would rank up there as well ~ THAT IS - had he gotten 'into' entertainment!! 😂

  • Imagination IS the key to a VERY happy life!!  Mine flows in plentylike a nice bowel movement.. NATURALLY! 😂

  • I come from a close knit - awesome  family...  (It's not the Brady Bunch, but THANK GOD; &, really?  What family is??!)

  • I believe that ALL humans (regardless of race, sexual orientation, or beliefs), should be given equal honest rights. No one is above anyone else.  When cut - we all bleed... tho some DO appear questionable!  

  • Have been blessed with GREAT friends!

  • Have grown "SEEING" the awesome works of God in my life!! 

The GREATEST tip/advice I could give ANYONE??? .. Is that AMONGST THE MOST POWERFUL things YOU CAN DO - is to GIVE PRAISE TO GOD!! 🤲 From the moment your eyes open and your feet (followed by knees), hit the ground EACH MORNING... 🙏 
(In GOOD times.. AND IN BAD TIMES, ESPECIALLY!!..)  GIVE THANKS 2 GOD!! In EVERYTHING!! 🙏 You've always got something to be thankful about if your breathing!!  Always AMAZES me at the folk who do NOT know that, you can "PRAISE" your way out of "ANY PROBLEM" that life can throw at you!!
Thanks for your time in reading my info - & viewing my work!! 
 ~God Bless; in Jesus name 🙏
Very Sincerely 
~Tony (aka thenudo)😁